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17 May 2013

Lambert & Stamp gave us a brief background on their unique business:

Lambert and Stamp are a small business primarily concerned with producing eyecatching and classic fabric designs for antique and reproduction furniture. We source, renovate and sell classic, timeless pieces that we hope will entertain and enhance any environment from shop to office to studio to home.

With over twenty years design experience you can be assured that our work is meticulous and every piece we produce has excellence as standard. Where we can we leave the original components of the piece intact, only replacing webbing, springs, padding and frame where absolutely necessary. If possible we only do minimal restoration to exposed areas of the original piece, such as legs, as we believe those signs of use and wear form part of the essential character of the item.

As well as selling many unique items we have also started on our range of production furniture. We also undertake commissions - if you have a design you'd like to see on a chair then we can supply it onto fabric for you, or then upholster it onto a chair of yours, or supply the whole finished product.

Lambert and Stamp history

The idea for the Company came through a quirk of fate; Founder Ed Le Froy was a graphic designer of twenty years experience when he learned he was to inherit a barnful of Victorian furniture. “I went to see it and it was in a terrible state… there were cats and birds living in amongst it, it was damp, warped, faded… but it was obvious even then that it contained pieces of a standard of craftsmanship that would be extremely expensive – if able to be found at all – today”.

He started about restoring the pieces and a couple of chairs were done in faithful reproduction Victorian fabrics. Then one day he thought ‘We could do something a little more interesting here…’ and the first Union Jack chair was born. ‘At first I thought I could just cut a big Union Jack flag into sections and upholster it from there… but of course when you do that the sections don’t then flow together and the end result is a very fragmented version of the flag’. So he sourced and located a fabric printer and set about planning fun and fresh designs for each individual chair: ‘hugely labour intensive but also very rewarding and of course with the end result that each chair is unique’.

So many people commented on the finished products that the idea for the business was born. ‘I started travelling around local auctions and sale rooms and buying good, quality armchairs that good take a good design and would also retain their character and integrity’. Working with the fabric printers and a local upholsterer to get some stock together, an opportunity came to open a small concession in a Scottish department store. ‘We started off with eight chairs, and sold six of them within the first month! Luckily we had more in production, so we moved into a larger area in the same store and things have just gone on from there’.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: ‘I can find I’m inspired by anything… old book covers, jazz record covers, pop art, travel posters… but mainly I’m inspired by the idea of creating a new brand that takes inspiration from classic English design and looks forward to making some classic pieces for the future’.

The future

Lambert and Stamp is what Ed describes as ‘a sleeping giant… I have two other businesses which keep me very busy so it’s nice to work on it as and when I need to  - this means between myself, the printer and the upholsterer we can take the time to make every chair perfect and concentrate on quality as opposed to quantity. However we’ve been approached by a large online retailer to do a few sales a year through them, and there are various other expressions of interest including a couple from the US, so it does seem that it will be a longterm and fulfilling project for me’.

Lambert & Stamp’s pieces can be bought direct and shipped from Shapes Furniture in Edinburgh (0131 453 3222) and can be viewed on their website www.lambertandstamp.co.uk.
To contact the company please contact Ed Le Froy on ask@lambertandstamp.co.uk

Lambert & Froy founder Ed Le Froy wears AGC Style: George

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